The basics of the dialogue in English اساسيات الحوار باللغة الانجليزية - مهم-

اساسيات الحوار باللغة الانجليزية The basics of the dialogue in English
هذه بعض الكلمات والجمل الأساسية لإجراء أي حوار بسيط باللغة الانجليزي ..
أتمنى منكم الاستفادة منها :
Very may thanks - Thank you - Thanks a lot
للرد على الشكر
that’s all right - not at all - you are welcome - Welcome
للرد على الاعتذار
not at all- It’s all right
للإعتذار (اسف)
May I ………?- Certainly Allow me
Of course- With pleasure
Do you mind if-   May I come in - Not at all - Of course not!
May I use your telephone- Certainly! - Sure!
Might I see you you alone - Of course!
للتحذير (اعتني بنفسك)

Take care of your self – 

للتطوع بتقديم خدمة
Any help? - May I help you ?
Anything I can do for you?-  - Yes, please
will you- Would you - Excuse me,?
للرد على الرجاء
sure! Certainly !- of course! Of course not
 - Sure if I can - With pleasure
You,too - Bless you - have a nice weekend
Have a nice day - I wish you will - I wish you the best
Please remember me to….
fantastic! - Fine
Wonderful - What a! - Good. - Great. - It’s nice
It’s a great pleasure for me to - How coul we ever forget you -
We were together at least
All right. – As you like -
Certainly. - - Exactly . I agree- I don’t blame you
I know what you mean - I see - It’s up to you
No problem. Okay ( ok )
I guess so - I hope so - I suppose so - I think so
I would be glad to - That’s a good idea
Well. – very well - with pleasure
عدم الموافقة
All right , but….
I can’t agree. - I can’t agree with you - I don’t expect so - I don’t believe so - I don’t think so
 - I don’t hope so - That’s wrong - I refuse to believe that
You are quite wrong - No way
See you later I really must go now
 - So long. Take care - See you again
رد الفعل (للتعجب من تصرف ما)
How exciting ! How terrible
What a pity - What a shame - I don’t care
Just a moment please - Wait a minute - just a minute
طلب التكرار

what did you say - Please speak more loudly - Speak up - Speak up please, I can’t hear you
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